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By copsecurity93137707, Dec 22 2016 02:11AM

Nobody knows what deters burglars more than burglars. Here’s what former thieves recommend you do to safeguard your home from break-ins.

Kyle Iboshi, investigative reporter at KGW News in Portland, Oregon, surveyed 86 inmates currently serving time for burglary about how they broke in and what homeowners can do to deter other burglars. It came down to four big deterrents anyone can do:

Keep your property visible with good lighting, and keep your bushes and trees trimmed.

Always leave a TV or radio on when you leave, and keep at least one light on. This was one of the most commonly mentioned deterrents in the survey.

Keep an extra car visible in the driveway if possible. Almost every ex-burglar surveyed said that seeing a car in the driveway kept them away.

Get to know your neighbors so they can report any suspicious activity to you.

Other tips include getting a dog—a big one, not a small one—posting a security system sign (which doesn’t always work), and getting a visible security camera. You can get more great tips at the link below.


By copsecurity93137707, Dec 8 2016 08:48PM

COP Security family delivers truck load of bicycles to Toy Hill for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots event. "James recalls when he was a boy his family had no money and rarely got Christmas like others. His mother worked at a local meat packing plant in Little Rock with a lady named Vicki Logan Simons who was putting herself through law school yet spent her money making sure he and his brother had Christmas. James remembers his shinny new blue bicycle with yellow pads. The best Christmas he had ever had to that point in time. These bicycles are being given in the memory of Victoria Logan Simons who died in the mid 90's. The Ward boys were excited to help many other kids receive a new bike for Christmas this year.

By copsecurity93137707, Dec 8 2016 08:44PM

COP Security family running for a cause... Jingle Bell 5K Race to fight Arthritis. Blake got 4th place, James & Carter got 5th place for their respective age divisions and Trevor was a late registrant so unsure where he placed. Shirley was the cheerleader for her men. Shirley's mother is fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis so they ran for her today.

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