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Our Blog keeps you informed about what the COP Security family is up to, about the latest crime around the state and about new products coming out to help secure your family.  

By copsecurity93137707, Jan 31 2017 02:15AM

Phone companies are quickly moving away from the outdated copper wires underground that have been around for as long as any of us can rememeber and beyond. What should you pick when it comes to keeping your security communicating... Internet Network or Cellular? Internet coming into your home or business still uses a hardline that can be cut or disabled from outside the structure. Modems and routers also can lock up and must be rebooted fairly constant thus leaving your security wide open. Cellular can certainly have an issue on occasion but it is very few and far between. We recommend cellular transmission for the reliability and security even though it costs a little more. Most of the big national telcos and cable providers that are entering the security business are pushing the network path because they can maximize profits and bundle a customer into multiple plans and contracts. When picking between a giant telco or cable cable company vs. a local security provider just remember all those times you've had to call in for service and how hard it was to get someone out to fix the issue... now add in a siren screaming in the background and lets see how long it takes you to find a hammer to repair the issue? Local companies can respond very quickly and have for years.

By copsecurity93137707, Jan 28 2017 08:06PM

COP Security and both owners were nominated for several awards within the Bryant business community recently both for the busness and personally. Last Thursday night two of those nominations turned into wins for this longtime family owned business. COP Security won Small Business of the Year and Shirley won Ambassador of the Year for the Greater Bryant Chamber of Commerce. COP Security has been in business for 18 years and serves thousands of customers across the state of Arkansas. "Let Us Secure Your Family The Way We Do Our Own".

By copsecurity93137707, Jan 20 2017 08:49PM

Greater Bryant Chamber of Commerce has nominated Shirley for Volunteer of the Year, James for Lifetime Achievement and COP Security for Small Business of the Year. We are up against really great people who were also nominated for these awards so wish us luck next week! We are grateful for the nominations!

~ Photo Credit Shelby McFarland

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